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  1. Octopress to rule them all”

    Sun 13 October 2013

    It’s been a long while since I decided to switch from Google Blogspot to Octopress and start blogging like a geek. For almost a year I couldn’t force myself to write even a short post. There were different reasons to that, and some of them are technical. Being …

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  2. Downloading iTunes U Course - The Hacker Way”

    Sun 13 October 2013

    Today, kids, we are going to download iTunes U course almost exclusively from the command line.


    The easiest way to do that is to use iTunes to download all that for you. Unfortunately, while I have iPod/iPad in my home ecosystem, I don’t have any Mac computers …

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  3. Using R to visualize data”

    Fri 03 May 2013

    R is a great tool for visualising data. Recently I’ve got a chance to work on a project which handles rather big amounts of data. I was told the data is big but I’ve never seen any visuals myself. One day I decided to collect more information about …

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