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Bandwidth Shaping in Linux

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It’s always been a problem for me to shape traffic in Linux. After Windows experience with Outpost firewall I couldn’t find an easy and convenient way to shape traffic in Linux. Judging by the amount of similar questions over the Internet it’s unobvious not only to me but to many other users.

Octopress to Rule Them All

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It’s been a long while since I decided to switch from Google Blogspot to Octopress and start blogging like a geek. For almost a year I couldn’t force myself to write even a short post. There were different reasons to that, and some of them are technical. Being a complete rookie to Ruby, I was scared by all these daunting rake commands and Octopress machinery. It actually helped me to write down and summarize the commands that I need in a single place. Now I’d like them to be a separate post just as a little reminder to myself.